Rough Angel Aura Keyring

Rough Angel Aura Keyring

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Rough Angel Aura Keyring.

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"Angel Aura" is Quartz that has been given a surface treatment to give it its unique colour. 

Angel Aura Quartz Crystal exhibits brilliant, dazzling flashes of iridescent rainbow colors with silvery surfaces. Angel Aura Quartz is also known as Opal Aura Quartz Crystal.  Angel Aura Quartz Crystal is named after the gossamer angel wings and the energetic connection to the Angelic Realms.  Angel Aura is created with an alchemical process of permanently bonding pure quartz with vaporized Silver and Platinum vapors in high temperature vacuum chamber. Angel Aura Quartz Crystal is a high vibration stone, a crystal of joy and brings union with the divine and cosmic consciousness.  Like a rainbow, Angel Aura signifies hope, optimism, purifying and balancing all the chakras, integrating the light body into the physical dimension and opens a deep state of meditative awareness grounding the information received in the physical body.  Quartz is the most powerful healing and energy amplifier  in the planet for its helical spiral crystalline form. It absorbs, stores, releases, and regulates energy and is excellent for unblocking it.  It protects against radiation and generates electromagnetism and dispels static electricity.  Angel Aura Quartz Crystal works at a vibrational level attuned to the specific energy requirements of the person needing healing or undertaking spiritual work.  It enhances psychic abilities and attunes you to your spiritual purpose.  Platinum has the highest vibrational spectrum of any metal.  It is Spirit, the Stars, the Androgynous angelic energy, the life force in its aspect of transformation.  This crystal is attuned to the upper body chakras and non-physical chakras above the head, a metal of cosmic connection and stellar knowledge.  Platinum enhances connection with angels and spirit guides and carries the energy patterns of revelation. It works on the auric field to heal "auric holes".  Angel Aura is an activator of brilliance on all level of the body and the energy fields and has been used for aura and chakra clearing, removing cords, limited beliefs system, mental attitudes, unspoken psychic contracts and astral parasites.  It aligns and purifies all chakras allowing the Rainbow Light Body activation and integration.  Angel Aura is an attunement crystal and can assist to remember and heed attention to surrounding beauty of nature and spirit.  Angel Aura is imbued with divine energies that facilitate contact with the Angelic Realms and Spirit Guides. 

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