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Mordenite Crystal Healing Properties 0

Mordenite Crystal Healing PropertiesMordenite crystallizes in the form of fibrous aggregates, masses and vertically striated prismatic Crystals. The colour ranges from white, colourless and yellow or pink. Mordenite can be used to eliminate the trait of Sarcasm and to enhance the characteristics of harmony. It furthers the importance of home and friendships, and can be used to bring abundance to ones life.

Also known to be used in White Magic Rituals. Mordenite helps to eliminate mental distractions and to ease a restless mind. It can help provide release from Depression and helps to balance chaotic energy as it promotes detachment from negativity so that one is not blinded by the emotion, hence, furthering the understanding of the symptoms.

Mordenite has been known to treat disorders of the Mouth, Lungs and Vocal Cords.

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Ruby in Zoisite Crystal Healing Properties 1

Ruby in Zoisite Crystal Healing PropertiesRuby in Zoisite contains the properties of both ruby and zoisite. The only problem is, zoisite has a very short history of use as a metaphysical stone and there is almost no information known about it by itself. This is probably because except for the occasional larger stone that is cut into smaller ones, zoisite always has ruby growing with it and its metaphysical properties are affected by the ruby.

Zoisite is a powerful gemstone that can transform negative energy into positive and when combined with Rubys abilities, magnifies the stones ability to help amplify the entire energy field and release the talents and abilities of your mind.

The combination of ruby in zoisite is perfect for those seeking to reach a trance state. Not only does it help you reach that state, but it helps connect you to the energies of others and maintain your own individual energies at the same time.

Also a gem stone of peace and happiness, anyolite increases our love of life, brings us inspiration and motivation to dream, to achieve, to grow and to prosper.

Ruby in Zoisite helps to open your intuitive abilities in a way that allows you to sense when the challenges life throws at you are just a part of living or due to someone wanting to intentionally cause trouble for you. For instance, in a work environment, we are often asked to do tasks that are not normally part of our normal routine. Sometimes this happens simply because things occasionally happen in business that must be done but are not part of the normal operating procedure. Sometimes this happens because of other employees jealousy trying to hold you back or punish you in some way. Ruby in Zoisite will help you know the difference.

Anyolite helps you to utilize all the abilities of your mind such as the various psychic abilities and all of the talents of your mind such as your ability to create thoughts, ideas, writing, and any other creative ability.

It is a gemstone that helps to physically strengthen your body, especially the heart. It makes a good gift stone to someone that is weak from any type of illness that cause the body to be weak and prevents a person from doing strenuous activity.

Use Anyolite to help you become more aware of your etheric body and to stimulate your crown chakras. Together this allows you to more fully connect with your spirituality on a level rarely accomplished without help.

Rhodochrosite Crystal Healing Properties 0

Rhodochrosite Crystal Healing PropertiesRhodochrosite has powerful metaphysical properties, and some believe that it can help one to accomplish and fulfill goals that have been difficult to achieve, such as overcoming addictions, finding a soul mate, etc. Rhodochrosite is a powerful stone for emotional healing. It helps you gently revisit painful childhood memories, heal the past, and reclaim the parts of yourself that you may have suppressed or disowned for emotional survival. It is also a stone of joy and nurturing, helping you access the freedom and magic of a child when they feel safe and loved.

Rhodochrosite is excellent for love and relationships, and helps those who don't feel love or loved. It can help attract a soul mate, and facilitates connecting with a twin soul during meditation. It promotes self-forgiveness, self-worth, and self-love. It inspires trust, a sense of purpose and desire to live. Rhodochrosite is the ultimate stone for helping your soul reach it's highest level.

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Diopside Crystal Healing Properties 1

Diopside Crystal Healing PropertiesDiopside can be used to stimulate the intellect and can provide assistance in mathematical and analytical pursuits. It enhances academic learning and couples the practical side of ones nature to both the sciences and arts. Diopside has also been known to be very calming for Pets.

Diopside can help with conditions such as Colon problems such as Crohn's disease, colitis, ulcers, diverticulosis. Muscle spasms. Diopside is also called the "crying gemstone," because it is believed by crystal healers to heal trauma by bringing forth cleansing tears. It is assumed to bring creativity to the wearer and is said to be related to love and commitment. Crystal healers believe that, when worn close to the chest (such as in a pendant), diopside can benefit the heart, lungs and circulation.

It helps one to wield pride objectively, providing both humility and respect for the superior exhibition of intelligence. It allows one to recognize that the strength of the opposition is less than that which is within oneself.

It also allows one to understand the dualitywithin the self, and further stimulates-retrieval of the feminine side of nature, being a good stone for healing those who will-not allow themselves to cry. It can be used in the treatment of physical weakness and psychological disorders. It is an excellentstone for runners, helping to eUminate the muscular spasms and "stitches" during the run.

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