Loyalty Discount - 10% off For Life

Since 1st January 2020 we started offering every customer, who has made at least one purchase, a 10% discount on All Future Orders, For Life !! 

How it Works

Your Discount Code will be included in your Package and you can use it on All Future Orders, For Life !! Discount can be applied to All Stock Sitewide, including New Stock and Clearance or Sale Items. 

The Discount cannot be combined with any other Discount, so if you wish to make a repeat purchase, please check for any current Discount Offers that may be available (as there may be a better discount!). If not simply enter your Loyalty Discount Code into the Checkout and get 10% off. 

As we only started issuing Loyalty Codes in 1st January 2020, we are aware that customers who made a purchase prior to this date would not have had the opportunity to receive the Loyalty Discount Code. 

If this is the case please Get in Touch with a previous order number, address or email address and once we have verified you as having made a previous purchse we can provide you with the code :-) Alternatively, if you did receive your code and have misplaced it or forgotton it, simply Contact us and we can provide it again!

Please Note: If the Loyalty Discount Code is not entered at Checkout we are unable to issue a refund for the 10% at a later stage.