Our Story

Welcome to The Crystal Healing Shop. We are an Online Crystal and Gemstone Shop based in Sevenoaks in England. In our 19th year in business, our well establised and reputable Crystal Shop is currently run from our humble two bedroom abode, where we (Emma and Lily) work really hard, with much integrity and enthusiasm to provide Crystal Lovers from around the world with Authentic and Quality Crystals.

The business launched in Ireland, way back in 2003, single-handedly by myself (I am Emma by the way) when I first got into Crystals and Holistic Therapy, following a traumatic event in my life. I sadly lost my son Gabriel; he was still born at 25 weeks. He had a rare condition called Multicystic Displatic Kidney Disease.

The death of my son crippled me as you can imagine and I began to question life, well not actually life, but life after death. Does the spirit continue on? It must do I thought. I felt my son all around me. The signs and syncronicities were all just too obvious !! so I began using crystals as a way to open my mind and enhance the connection with my son in the spirit world. Call me crazy but this is something that we are all capable of, if only we would open our mind......

If you don't open the door, no one can enter, right?

Crystals gave me focus, clarity and comfort, they helped me overcome my grief and heal my pain. Some helped me to relax and meditate, giving me that stillness that I needed to overcome my trauma. Some gave me the energy to pick me up when I was down, and some helped me to further develop a certain amount of psychic ability and awareness that facilitated me to connect with the spirit world and continue on my spiritual journey.

Again, call me Mad !! but we all have a certain level of psychic ability. Some are naturally born with it, others can develop it, and for the closed minded, its all a crock of shit !!

As I always say, "If you know, you know !!"

The loss of my son inspired me to help others and pass on the many benefits one can receive through the use of crystals and the practice of crystal healing.

Today at age 43, and after 19 years I continue to advocate the benefits of Crystal Healing and run our Crystal Healing Shop, with Heart and Soul, Honesty and Integrity, Pride and Good Intentions.

But, lets not give me all the credit !! My daughter and partner in crime, Lily-Rae, now nearly aged 12 has consistently been a big team player at The Crystal Healing Shop for several years. Aside her natural love of crystals, she is the unboxer, the stock checker, the picker, the packer and at times the website administrator. Lily has mastered the art of a good work ethic from a young age. She is a delightful, fun, talented, bright, well-grounded and intelligent child and I am blessed to be her Mum :-) We have both worked hard for her future and she has deservedly earnt herself a place at one of Kent's Top Selective Grammar Schools. Well done Lily !!

And it all would not have been possible if it wasn't for the support you have given us along the way. 

Everything that I personally do in the running of The Crystal Healing Shop is in the name of my two children, one in spirit and one in the present.

As a single parent and sole provider, (which we all know can be challenging at the best of times!) I thank each and every one of our customers for their business and support over the years. Your continued custom has given us a reason to grow from strength to strength, to become one of the longest standing Crystal Shops in the UK.

"Crystals and People you can trust" is a tagline that we pride ourselves in, and believe we have earnt and are well deserving of.

We really believe in offering a personable shopping experience, so please feel free to drop me (Emma) a message either via our Contact Page or, through Facebook, or Instagram.