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Crystals and Colour Therapy 0

Crystals and Colour Therapy

The Colouration of a Crystal results from how it interacts with light, and this is dependant upon the atomic structure of the mineral. There are two main types of mineral colours. Ideochromatic minerals are those such as copper or chromium, who's chemical composition directly affects their colour. Allochromatic minerals, on the other hand, are coloured by small amounts of impurities, usually no more than a few atoms of some other element, that create anomalies within the crystal lattice.

In opaque stones the colours we see are those frequencies of light that are not absorbed into the crystal lattice. Where a stone absorbs all frequencies of light, it appears black. White stones reflect the full colour spectrum and absorb no light. With a Crystal that is transparent or translucent, light rays enter the Crystal Structure and are actually slowed and bent or refracted from their paths by the arrangement of atoms. Depending on how the atoms modify the photons of light, the crystal will shift a full sunlight spectrum toward the slower frequencies, thus appearing Red, or towards the faster frequencies of blue and violet. In Allochromatic stones, the minute anomalies in the crystal structure carry different energy charges that capture proton particles and forms centres or colouration. When a Crystal's colour changes according to the angle at which it is viewed, this process is known as Pleochromism. The internal structures and symmetry of the mineral break up separate rays of light in different ways depending on where the light enters the crystal. Diffraction is where the light becomes polarized, shifting speed and frequency, and emerges from the Crystals at different angles.

The Psychology of Colour

The Human Body is intimately keyed to colour through its very evolution and colour therapy is an important method of treatment. Colour affects your personality, whether because of cultural conditioning or your initial experience of a particular colour. We are influenced by the distinctive vibrations that each colour possesses. Each colour in the spectrum vibrates at its own rate and these vibrations correspond with the body's inner vibrations. Each part of the body resonates to a different colour. When we are ill or troubled we can use the appropriate colour to harmonize our vibrations and restore equilibrium.

There are psychological associations with each colour, and colours can be linked with moods. Reds, Oranges and Yellows are warm and expansive and give a feeling of energy, excitement and joy. Blues, Indigos and Purples are calming and cooler. They quieten the temperature and induce relaxation.

Colour in More Detail

Red - Red is the spirit of physical life, full of power, fire and drive. It is courage and liberation, passion and excitement. Red has a burning desire to get somewhere but tends to act without thinking. "Red" people are reformers and fighters, and at best are fine leaders. They are builders of great things from very little. They are explorers, with the energy of the life force at their command. Pioneers, Military and Entrepreneurial people relate to Red. At its best, red will ensure a satisfying and passionate love life. Associated Chakra: Root Chakra.

Indications of Red Energy Imbalances:

  • Cold, inactive or congested conditions.
  • Difficulty with physical movement, co-ordination or circulation problems.
  • Inability to sustain energy levels, physical weakness and exhaustion.
  • Being emotionally and mentally unable to experience life as it is, lacking in drive and enthusiasm, lethargic or uncomfortable with physical activity.
  • Feelings of vulnerability and alienation, inability to maintain personal boundaries and easily drained by company.

Crystals to balance Red Energy or the Root Chakra are Red Jasper, Agate, Snowflake Obsidian, Hematite, Black Onyx, Black Tourmaline, Bloodstone, Pyrite, Smokey Quartz.

Orange - Orange is self-reliance and practical knowledge. In its role of assimilator, orange is the intestinal laboratory. It tests, then accepts or rejects. It has impetus, and it extremely persistent. But where red bullies, orange bides its time. Orange is genial, optimistic, tolerant, benign, warm hearted. It is friendship, the life and soul of the party. The unkind practical joker is the negative orange. Orange shatters: it breaks down barriers. Orange can eradicate. It brings up the energy of a past event that needs to be assimilated. Orange strength is subtle, It stimulates gently. It broadens life and is very purposeful. Orange moves on: it is the colour of divorce! Orange gives the courage to face the consequences. It accepts what is - and then changes it. Orange will not let sleeping dogs lie. It believes in the community. "Orange" people are usually skilled cooks or good at sport. Associated Chakra: Sacral Chakra.

Indications of Orange Energy Imbalances:

  • Physical rigidity.
  • Restricted feelings.
  • Digestive disorders.
  • Lack of focus.
  • Lack of vitality.
  • Being stuck in the past or holding onto memories.

Crystals to balance Orange Energy or the Sacral Chakra are Carnelian, Amber, Smokey Quartz, Tigers Eye.

Yellow - Yellow is the mind, precise and optimistic, clear and in control through intellect. It is the colour of the scientist. It unravels and reveals, leaving no stone unturned. It focuses attention, loves new ideas and is flexible and adaptable. Yellow has no hesitation; it decides quickly and acts immediately. Yellow smartens the reflexes. It is a great communicator: the journalist, the entertainer. It has no shortage of words. Yellow unifies and connects - a favourite pastime is networking, When something is revealed to Yellow it immediately thinks of editing it for the public rather than feeling it for itself. Yellow is financial ambition - holding onto it may be more difficult. It is at the executive level of business and has the ability to get things done. Yellow despises pettiness. It has self control, style and sophistication. Yellow always broadcasts a feeling of well being. People feel good around those under the yellow ray. They are sunny and willing, unless they are upset, when they can become acid and sharp tongued. Yellow is connected to the seat of self confidence and self esteem in the body. There is no fat on yellow - it is so quick that excess has no time to gather. Associated Chakra: Solar Plexus Chakra.

Indications of Yellow Energy Imbalances:

  • Stress related ailments such as indigestion, insomnia, panic attacks, headaches and muscle tension.
  • Skin complaints such as eczema and psoriasis.
  • Nervous disorders.
  • Allergic reactions, food intolerance or arthritis.
  • Tension, worry and confusion.

Crystals to balance Yellow Energy or the Solar Plexus Chakra are Yellow Jasper, Citrine, Golden Quartz, Honey Calcite, Pyrite.

Green - Green is harmony; it stabilizes. Green is midway between red and purple: it is the bridge, the gateway in the spectrum - as the heart is in the body. The lesson of love needs to be learnt in order to cross green's bridge. Green is idealistic, socially aware, helpful and selfless. Doctors and nurses are on the green ray. It is dependable and diplomatic. Green can see both sides but can be moralistic. Green is clarity and understanding. It helps you to do the best you can. Green is about finding ones niche. It is self acceptance. Green is prosperous, especially in business. Green is the "good life" and the love of collecting possessions. It is wanting the best. Positive green is the giver. It is generous and loves to share what it accumulates. It is love of working outdoors. Green can indicate difficulty in finding a settled way of life. There may be a conflict if ideas and emotions that causes commotion and upheaval. But with green's ability to discriminate and balance, this conflict can lead to correct judgement and action. Associated Chakra: Heart Chakra.

Indications of Green Energy Imbalances:

  • Invasive illness.
  • Abnormal growths.
  • Lack of control at any level.
  • Sense of Claustrophobia, being trapped, unfulfilled, restricted or dominated.
  • A need to be in control or to be controlled.
  • Lack of self-discipline.
  • Confusion as to who one is and what direction should be taken.
  • Isolation

Crystals to balance Green Energy or the Heart Chakra are Green Aventurine, Rose Quartz, Amazonite, Aquamarine, Emerald, Fuschite, Jade, Peridot, Rhodonite, Rhodochrosite

Blue/Indigo - Blue is the spirit of truth and the higher order of intelligence. The head and the heart speak directly through the blue throat. Blue brings rest; it cools and calms; it slows down, and even retards growth. Blue is the tranquil spirit, the colour of contemplation. Its thinking is quiet and discriminating. "Still waters run deep" is a blue motto. Blue is peace with a purpose. Blue values integrity, honour and sincerity. It has a poised quality and will not easily draw attention to itself. Although honesty is a blue keyword, its negative side is a master of manipulation, so skilled that you do not even know you have been manipulated. Blue does not like upsets or arguments - yet if often causes them. Blue always advises caution. It is highly inventive. Poetry, Philosophy and writing are all blue professions. Associated Chakra: Throat Chakra.

Indications of Blue/Indigo Energy Imbalances:

  • Throat problems, laryngitis, sore throats, tonsillitis.
  • Blocks to creativity and inspiration.
  • Difficulty with communication.
  • Being agitated

Crystal to balance Blue/Indigo Energy or the Throat Chakra are Sodalite, Blue Lace Agate, Lapis Lazuli, Amazonite, Apatite, Kyanite, Labradorite.

Purple/Violet - Purple is the royal ray, the ruler, the spiritual master. It is also the protector and the spirit of mercy. Purple is the aristocracy of the spirit, it strives for enlightened perfection. Purple is the visionary; it works with the highest levels of thought, seeing and hearing without using the physical senses. Purple uses its psychic perception on an everyday basis. Purple comes to understand that the price you must pay for its royal attributes is sacrifice. Humility is a key aspect. But it can sacrifice itself for the benefit of all without being a victim or a martyr. Negative purple can be belligerent and treacherous. Purple is the great teacher who realizes that the pupil has to understand - facts alone are not. Associated Chakra: Third Eye Chakra and Crown Chakra

Indications of Purple/Violet Energy Imbalances:

  • An exaggerated need to sacrifice for others, that often disguises guilt or poor self-worth.
  • A tendency to live in a world of illusory value judgements or to escape into fantasy and day dreaming.
  • Delusional states and reinterpretation of reality based on personal fanaticism.
  • Headaches, problems with eyes and ears.
  • Deep-seated glandular imbalances.
  • Lack of mental and spiritual focus.
  • Inability to concentrate.
  • Failure to understand what is happening in life or to a change.

Crystals to balance Purple/Violet Energy or the Third Eye Chakra are Amethyst, Fluorite, Labradorite, Lepidolite.


Other Colours

White - White is next to the cosmic intelligence of brilliance, a denser brilliance. White has just stepped down from the ultimate purity of brilliance. Its fundamental quality is that all colours are equal in white, White has supreme faith, which it derives from reason. It conjures up hope, but on the negative side white is its own worst enemy. White travels light , so it's drawn to professions that are streamlined and precise. The civil service, banking and ergonomics suit it well. Associated Chakra : Crown Chakra.

Crystals to balance White Energy or the Crown Chakra are Clear Quartz, Selenite, White Howlite.

Black - Black is the colour of the person who keeps control by not giving information to others. Black indicates that something is lying dormant or buried. It is connected to philosophical thoughts and ideas. Someone wearing black continuously may be saying that there is something absent from his or her life. Negative black believes that all has ended, there is nothing to look forward to. It is afraid of what is coming next. But at the heart of black is discipline; this brings about freedom which is very liberating. Any cause that gives genuine support and works towards the light is working with the magic of black. Black can complete the incomplete. The mystic arts relate to black. Associated Chakra: Root Chakra.

Crystals to balance Black Energy or the Root Chakra are Red JasperAgateSnowflake ObsidianHematiteBlack OnyxBlack TourmalineBloodstonePyriteSmokey Quartz.

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Crystal Pendulum Dowsing 0

How does Pendulum Dowsing work?

A Dowsing Pendulum is quite simply a tool that is used to check what the subconscious already knows. The Pendulum itself is an extension of our inner senses which creates a visual representation of our inner energy changes. The Pendulum amplifies small muscle movements that result from changes in the subtle energy flow through the body. Yes we are in effect making the Pendulum move, but on an subconscious level. We are not sitting there and making obvious Pendulum swings, It is more a tiny reflex that cannot be seen with the naked eye.

My personal belief and indeed that of many other dowsers is that we all come to the earth plane to learn lessons. We reincarnate and live many lifetimes. I believe that we all come here with a blue print and our life ahead is pretty much set out for us in such a way that we can learn the lessons we need to learn. On a subconscious level we know everything about our previous lives and everything that our current and future lives have in store for us. Only when we can access the subconscious can we access this information. Past life regression is just one example of how we can access information through the subconscious.

Some Good Advice before you Start

The power of the human mind should never be underestimated. The trick for effective Pendulum Dowsing is to stay relaxed and in a neutral state of mind. Let's say you are asking your Pendulum for an answer to a question, and there is emotional investment in the answer then you will receive the answers you want to receive from the Pendulum, which might not be the correct answer. When this happens it is the conscious working and not the subconscious.

Some Examples of how a Pendulum might be used:

  • Simple questioning of the Pendulum resulting in Yes, No and Not Sure answers.
  • Dowsing using lists and maps.
  • Dowsing over the body to locate and balance the chakras

Getting Started with Pendulum Dowsing

First of all make sure that you select a Dowsing Pendulum that feels right for you. This is very important. You will be working with your Pendulum on a very close level so your connection to your Pendulum should be like any other relationship.

Hold your Pendulum between the thumb and the forefinger. Remember "lightly does it!". If you are tense you will consciously affect the results.

Now establish how your Pendulum responds to specific answers. For example Yes, No and Not Sure answers. This could be likened to a control test. Ask your Pendulum a question for which you already know the answer. For example, lets say your birthday is 1st March. Ask the Pendulum "Is my Birthday on the 1st March?". Obviously the answer is Yes. Now see how the Pendulum responds. Does it move forward and backward, does it move side to side, from left to right or vice versa, or does it move in a clockwise or anti clockwise direction? Make a note of the Pendulums movement for your Yes answer.

Then ask another question, this time one which you already know the answer to be No. Again make a note of the Pendulum movement for your No response. You should notice a very fine and distinct difference between the Pendulum movements for your Yes and No responses. This doesn't always happen on the first few attempts, It takes time, patience and a bit of practice. Again make sure you are relaxed and in a neutral and open state of mind. If you focus or concentrate too hard or consciously want to receive a certain answer this will affect the results.

Sometimes we ask the Pendulum sensitive questions or questions for which we are not yet ready to know the answers. With practice and a good connection with your Pendulum, you will find that in time it will be prove to be a very valuable tool.

Remember! Effective Pendulum Dowsing is only as good as the Questioning Techniques

If you ask a vague question you might not get an accurate or definitive  response. Let's say you are single and looking for romance. Asking the Pendulum a question like " Will I meet somebody nice" is a very vague question, Sure, nice people come in and out of our lives all of the time. A better way of asking might be to ask " Will I meet a suitable Romantic partner in the near future". Lets then say you get a definite Yes response. Then you can go on to ask even more specific questions. For example " Will this Romantic partner come into my life in the next 6 months" and so on like that.

Dowsing with Lists and Maps

Dowsing with lists and maps is highly effective. This is great if you are seeking more than just a Yes or No response to a specific question or when there are multiple choices. Dowsing using a Map is also very good for locating a missing object.

Some Examples:

Let's say you have decided to spend your 2 weeks holiday in Spain, but cannot decide between the 4 resorts that have caught your eye. Hold your Pendulum over each of the 4 resorts in your holiday brochure and ask the Pendulum "Give me a Yes response to which one of these 4 holiday resorts is right for me at this time"

You want to Buy some new Healing Crystals and Gemstones. Write down or print off a list of the gem stones that you want to choose from. Hold the Pendulum over each of the gem stone names as you work your way down the paper. Ask a question like "Please indicate which Crystals or Gemstones I need for healing in my life as this moment in time" If you do not receive a response, move back up the paper in reverse order. Note how the Pendulum moves on a certain gem stone name. You may get several responses if you have a long list.

Try moving the Pendulum gently over the paper at different angles. Note your Yes responses. I bet you get the same response no matter which way you dowse across the paper! I tested this technique with a colleague of mind who had never even used a Pendulum before. I gave him a list of the tumbled stones we stocked at the time. He dowsed for about 10 minutes in all different ways, but there was no escaping the specific responses he got to 3 of the Tumbled Stones on the list. 

Locating a missing object. Let's say you are missing the key to the garage. You know you put the key down in the dining room. Draw a simple map of the dining room on a sheet of paper. It doesn't have to be fancy. Just draw a simple outline of the room, marking the key features, for example a fireplace, dining room table, window and any other key features like cabinets and dressers. Dowse with your Pendulum by moving the Pendulum horizontally from left to right or vice versa over the map, starting at the top and working down. Ask a question like "Please move for me at the location of my missing garage key". Mark with an X the points on the map where the Pendulum makes a definite movement. Then do this again vertically on the map by moving the Pendulum down and back up the map as you work your way across from left to right or vice versa. Again note any definite Pendulum movements. I have tested this method on numerous accuracy with very good results. You can even use this method for fun whilst playing hide and seek with small objects.

Pendulum Dowsing to Locate and Balance the Chakras

Pendulum Dowsing can be used in much the same way to identify the chakras and which chakras are out of balance. You can move your Pendulum gently over the body (either your own or that of a friend or client) and the Pendulum should move at the point of each chakra location.

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Aura Cleansing with Crystals 2

The Aura is an energy field that surrounds the body and can be charged or cleansed by wearing Gemstone Jewellery like a Gemstone Bracelet or Gemstone Pendant, and indeed placing a crystal near your auric field like carrying a crystal in your pocket. The frequency and duration with which a crystal is worn/carried or handled determines the level of attunement which is attainable with that crystal. Attuning to a crystal facilitates the energizing of ones aura with the energies contained within the crystal.

The Aura can be scanned with a crystal in order to determine the energy blockages and to check for the existence of auric holes which allow the drain of energy from the physical body. Crystals have also been successfully used to cleanse and stabilise the aura. Directing the crystal towards the auric field in a sweeping like motion from the top to the bottom or from the bottom to the top of the auric body; both a predetermined direction and an intended receiving source for any negativity are recommended. In addition to the Quartz Crystal, one will be guided by the intuitive self to the additional crystals which are suitable for balancing, cleansing, stabilizing, and scanning and correcting any problematic areas in the aura.

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Crystal Grids and "Gridding" 0

What is "Gridding"?

Crystal grids can be used for many purposes or manifestations. They can be small enough to fit on a table top or as big as your garden. We can use just a few stones or hundreds! “Grid” is the name we are most familiar with but many different paths use crystals set in geometric patterns and call them by different names - Grids, Nets, Fairy Circles, Medicine Wheels, Earth Altars, and Stone Circles are but just a few.

Anyone can use Crystal Grids. You do not have to construct elaborate grids or use elaborate rituals. Grids set up by those adept at channelling energy will hold a charge longer and have to be empowered less often. I do not believe there is one “right” way of making a grid. One should be intuitive and creative. The only real “rule” in making grids is that our intent be clear.

Crystals for Cleansing and Charging your Entire Crystal Collection

A small number of Crystal types have the ability to cleanse negativity from other Crystals. Selenite is one of the very best crystals for this, even better than Crystal Quartz, so it is essential to have a set of these crystals in your collection.

Selenite is one of a very few minerals with the specific metaphysical properties that make it capable of clearing and re-charging other crystals. Not only is Selenite useful for clearing negative or unwanted energies from crystals and stones, it may also be used to effectively clear ritual and ceremonial tools, jewellery, tarot cards, even the surroundings. In addition to a multitude of other metaphysical attributes, Selenite has a calming and uplifting quality similar to Fluorite. Comprised of some of the lightest elements on earth (calcium, sodium, oxygen, and hydrogen), Selenite vibrates to a very high frequency, and for this reason, is an extremely powerful light working tool. In addition, it is a natural form of fiber optic, making it especially useful for transmitting white light, and coloured light. Selenite is a crystalline form of Gypsum. The beautiful Satin-Spar variety is bright white, opaque, and light refractive (light shimmers on its surface). The Gem-Ice variety is crystal clear, allowing it to absorb and emit light. Both forms are exceptionally energetic, and versatile, making Selenite an outstanding tool for use in crystal work. Selenite does not ever need to be cleared. It is self-clearing, and self-charging. It is also important to note that Selenite should never be placed in or near liquid, as it is water-soluble, and will dissolve over time.

A Basic Grid for Cleansing and Charging your Crystals

In this example we are using 4 Pieces of Rough Selenite to place around your entire Crystal Collection. Set aside a peaceful and clutter free space for this. 0 represents the centrepiece. In this example the centrepiece is your entire crystal collection. 1, 2, 3 and 4 represent your 4 Pieces of Selenite. Being grounded and centered when you do this will strengthen the cleansing process. Alternatively you can use Simple Meditation.

A Grid to Send Healing and Protection to a Loved One

To send Healing and Protection to a loved one, 0 (the centrepiece) will represent that person. You can use a photograph of the person. If you do not have a photograph to hand you can use anything that will represent that person, for example one of their belongings, like a Ring or a Watch. If you have neither of these then a simple name on a piece of paper is sufficient. The most important thing is that you focus your intention on the person who you want to send the healing too. The object that you use to do this makes no difference. Using an item that you feel will help you focus on the person and bring that person to mind is what matters.

Select a Crystal from your Crystal Collection, according to its unique Healing Properties. Choose one that is relevant to the person you are sending healing too. So for example if that person is travelling and you want to send protection to them on their travels you can work with Amethyst Crystals. Simply use the same simple grid detailed above and place the Amethyst inside the Selenite Grid. Most people tend to use several of the same crystals at any one time. You can place 4 Amethyst Tumbled Stones inside the Selenite Grid, showering the centrepiece with the healing energy from the Amethyst. Both the Centrepiece (person you are sending healing to) and the Amethyst is surrounded by the Selenite, creating a circle of protection. The Selenite can transmit the energy from the amethyst into the centrepiece, which in this example will send distant healing to the recipient.

Using Crystal Grids to Protect your Home or Space from Negative Energy

Black Tourmaline, which is one of the best Crystals for dispelling negative energy can be used in Space Cleansing to rid stagnant and negative energy.

Black tourmaline, also known as Schorl, is associated with the Root (Base) Chakra, and is excellent for grounding excess energy. It is well known as a purifying stone that deflects and transforms negative energy, and thus is very protective. It can transform and remove negativity from an individual or an environment. It is often used as an Aura Cleanser, and can help one attain higher levels of awareness. Black tourmaline is also used for repelling and protecting one from black magic, and is often said to return the negative spell to the sender. Some claim that black tourmaline deflects all kinds of energy, but my personal experience is that it's not so. It is possible that the black tourmaline's effect of grounding excess energy gives this impression. Black tourmaline has also been used to deflect radiation energy from TV’s and computer monitors. Emotionally, black tourmaline is excellent for dispelling fears, obsessions, and neuroses, bringing emotional stability. Physically, black tourmaline can strengthen the immune system; help with heart disease, arthritis, and gout.

Placement of Crystals for House Gridding

If you are gridding your property, then the centre piece is your house. You can follow the same simple 4 Crystal Grid as detailed above. Place each piece of Black Tourmaline at each corner of your home. This can be on the floor if safe to do so – (Remember small items are a choking hazard for small babies and children), or you can place the crystals on a shelf or window ledge. You can even place the 4 pieces of Black Tourmaline outside your home, or even as far as the perimeter of your garden or grounds. The Selenite can be used in a variety of ways, There is no right or wrong way – Crystals work for the highest good!

Some people choose to place the Selenite and Black Tourmaline together, and some people prefer to place the Black Tourmaline outside the house and the Selenite inside the house as they believe this stops negative energy from entering the house and keeps the positive energy in.

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Charging and Programming Crystals 2

Charging Crystals

Crystals can be charged by placing one crystal on another large crystal, for example a Large Amethyst Cluster, Chunk of Selenite or Quartz or a Charging Plate. You can also place the crystal or crystals in the centre of a circle where the circle is comprised of other crystals whose terminations are pointing towards the centre. This is often referred to as Crystal Grids or Gridding. Another way to charge crystals is to place them in the sunlight and/or in the light of the moon; the days related to the summer and winter solstices, the vernal equinox, the autumnal equinox, the full moon and the new moon are more heavily charged.

Programming Crystals

Programming is the process of instructing the energies of the crystals in the method in which to use its qualities of transformation, stability and attunement. Precise directions are required, or the response will be less than that which is intended. This precision in intent is beneficial training for those utilizing crystals.

The act of holding a crystal and intending to use it for a specific purpose is the simplest form of programming. Another method, primarily relevant to the programming of thoughts and universal energies which are inherent to the mineralogical formation involves the following:

  • Formulate a precise phrase which accurately describes the nature of the programming.
  • Hold the crystal in your dominant hand, relax for several minutes, initiate circular breathing and centre yourself. Consciously align the personal conscious awareness with the higher self.
  • Ask for guidance, protection and assistance in the programming process. Open the centre of consciousness and allow receptivity to flow through your inner being.
  • Repeat the formulated phrase 20 to 30 times in succession while visualising and/or feeling the desired effect of the program. As the phrase is repeated, an energy field will build and culminate in the energy pattern necessary to represent the desired program.
  • While maintaining full awareness of the energy field, bring total awareness and consciousness to the area of the Third-Eye Chakra or Heart Chakra. Place the crystal in front of the area of the Third-Eye Chakra or Heart Chakra and allow the self to feel the connection with it.
  • Direct the energy field into the crystal for 30 to 60 seconds and allow the program to be transferred to within the crystal. Intuitive recognition will signal when the transmittal is complete.
  • Detach consciousness from the crystal and allow the universal energies to act.

Programming Crystals for Protection

Protective energies have been gained from the mineralogical kingdom for eons. Crystals have been worn as amulets and talisman and have been programmed for protection in the light and love of the universal forces.

One method which has been used during programming for protection, for example against psychic attack entails a visualisation of a protective shield or a bubble of white light emanating from the crystal. The protection of ones possessions or of the home can also be facilitated via this method. Another technique involves Gridding the home or ones possessions and using a Crystal Wand to enclose same.

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Cleansing and Clearing Crystals 0

Cleanse new crystals straightaway, particularly if you intend to use them for healing. Cleansing is not a physical process - rather it is a spiritual ritual. In esoteric terms, crystals absorb and retransmit all energies with which they come into contact. In healing, crystals become receptive to emotional energies.

Cleansing your crystal back to a neutral state ensures that accumulated negative energies are not passed on. This process also re-energises the crystal and ensures that it functions at its highest level. Let your intuition be your guide: keep the intention in mind that you are clearing away all inappropriate energies and that you are working with purity of purpose.

The following are some different ways to cleanse, purify, re-energise and tune your crystals. Please note that as some crystals are sensitive to heat, light and/or water, not all methods will be suitable for all crystals.

Cleansing with Water

Cleanse your crystals by holding them under cool running water, such as an ordinary bathroom tap for several minutes. As you do so, think about a beautiful waterfall you have seen or visited. Or imagine the waves lapping over your crystal on a tropical beach. Note: Do not do this ritual with Halite, Selenite, Lapis Lazuli, Malachite or Turquoise as these crystals are sensitive to water.

Stone Clearing using other Crystals

Some stones will clear the negative or unwanted energies from other stones. The best all round crystals for this is Clear QuartzSelenite and Amethyst. Place the stone to be cleared on a the "clearing" stone, and leave for 24 hours. Amethyst is said to transmute lower energies into the higher frequencies of both the spiritual and ethereal worlds, thereby transforming whatever is placed on it.

Earth Burial

Crystal have come from the Earth. You can bury your crystals in the ground (do remember to mark where you have buried them!). The Earth has a natural magnetic quality which will draw off negativity. Leave your crystals in the Earth for 24 hours.

Resonating Sound

The vibrations of pure sound can quickly cleanse crystals. Purify your crystals with the resonating sound of a bell you love. You can cleanse and purify a roomful of crystals by ringing the bell above them, but the best way is to purify crystals one at a time. Perform this ritual for a few minutes. Another very effective and quick way to cleanse your crystals is by using a singing bowl.

Smudging and Incense

Smudge your crystals by burning a wedge of dried herbs or Incense and wafting the smoke over and through them - proprietary "Smudge Sticks" are perfect for this ritual. Perform this ritual for a 5 minutes.

Sunlight and Moonlight

Light is the essential currency of crystal healing so re-energise your water-cleansed crystals in sunlight and moonlight for 24 hours - the time of the Full Moon is perfect for this. Your crystals need a day of sunlight and a night of moonlight to re-energise.

It is important to tune your crystals directly after cleansing, purifying and dedicating. Remain in a relaxed alert state. Hold your crystal in one hand and place your other hand over it. Visualise an energy connection between you and the crystal (for example, a ray of white light). Decide on the crystal's purpose and then say out loud "I intend this crystal to be an effective tool for …...." (e.g. healing, mediation, dream interpretation).

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Meditation with Crystals 0

Crystals can assist one in contacting the perfection of the divine and can allow one to reach the higher spiritual levels during meditation. Attainment of these levels provides for discovery of the divine being inherent to the self. The crystal magnifies ones personal energy by merely focusing and connecting it with the universal powers.

Contacting the higher intelligence of the mineralogical kingdom via meditation may provide substantive information about the mineral kingdom and the various ways the minerals may help humanity.

The techniques of allowing minerals to assist in meditation involve holding a pre-selected stone in the hand/hands or placing the stone on the floor or a table and allowing the self to focus on it during entry into the meditative state.

In group meditations, sitting in a circle, with crystals in the centre is quite effective. Assure that prior to meditation, that all participants hold the precise intention of the group.

Holding a crystal during meditation with music will often allow the user to "see" the music in terms of colour and shape. When harmonious music is played in the presence of a crystal, much of the intention of the composer is impressed in the crystal structure and if one "listens" to the crystal at a later time during a meditative state, one will often be able to "hear" and understand the etheric message of the music.

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  • Emma Brown

Crystal Configurations and Structures 0

The shapes and structures of the members of the mineralogical kingdom vary with natural occurrence and with enhancement by humanity. Both unpolished/natural and polished crystalline forms of any given crystal configuration embrace and provide the same energies. Some shapes which are fabricated provide for properties identical to those shapes found within the earth; fabrication of other shapes will not produce identical properties. Other fabricated shapes provide unique properties of both direction and use to the contained energy. Below are some examples of Crystal Configurations.

The facets of a crystal can determine the direction in which the energy flows from a crystal. The angles and shape of the facets will give direction to the energy. This is also true for facetted stones. It should be noted than when a stone is facetted , the energy is somewhat smoother and the magnitude tends to increase. However, as long as one is working in the realm of light and love , the facetted form of any crystal will not be over-intense or over-powering; ones capacity tends to adapt with the amount of energy available.

Record Keeper Crystal

The Record Keeper Crystal is recognised by a raised (or several raised) perfect triangle(s)located on one or more of the crystal faces. The associated attributes will not be exhibited by fabrications of this form.

Generator Crystal

The Generator Crystal is recognised by a configuration of crystal faces all joining at the top of each crystal face, in the same location, in order to form the terminated apex. The fabricated configuration also exhibits identical properties.

Barnacle Crystal

The Barnacle Crystal is recognised as a crystal covered or partially covered with smaller crystals. The associated attributes will not be exhibited by fabrication of this form.

Manifestation Crystal

The Manifestation Crystal is recognised as a crystal in which a smaller crystal is totally enclosed. The associated attributes will not be exhibited by fabrication of this form.

Tabular Crystal

The Tabular Crystal is recognised as a flat crystal with notches on one or both of the flat sides. The associated attributes will not be exhibited by fabrication of this form.

Key Crystal

The Key Crystal is recognised, in the quartz crystal, by a six sided (varying sided in other crystals) indented shape which is located on a face of, or on a side of, the crystal. The indent usually becomes narrower as it goes within the crystal, ending within the crystal (in an apex termination in the quartz crystal; in a variety of termination configurations in other crystals). The associated attributes will not be exhibited by fabrication of this form.

Bridge Crystal

The Bridge Crystal is recognised by a small crystal partially in and partially out of a larger crystal. The associated attributes will not be exhibited by fabrication of this form.

Rainbow Crystal

The Rainbow Crystal is recognised by fractures, producing rainbows within the crystal. The associated attributes will not be exhibited by fabrication of this form.

Phantom Crystal

The Phantom Crystal is recognised by a "phantom" crystal within the crystal. The phantom, an image of the structure of another crystalline mineral, is comprised of a white of coloured mineral and may be partial or complete. The associated attributes will not be exhibited by fabrication of this form.

Dendritic Crystal

The Dendritic Crystal is recognised by a branching figure or marking resembling a tree, fern, or moss-like form. The associated attributes will not be exhibited by fabrication of this form.

Self-Healed Crystal

The Self-Healed Crystal is recognised by small crystalline structures at the location where the crystal was removed from its matrix or home. Another type of self-healed crystal is one which has been broken (exhibiting the break in the horizontal plane or close to the horizontal strata), with the break being healed and the crystal structure being complete again.  The associated attributes will not be exhibited by fabrication of this form.

Sheet or Lens Crystal

The Sheet or Lens Crystal occurs in the formation of flat layers. The fabricated configuration also exhibits identical properties.

Twin Crystal

The Twin Crystal is recognised as a growing together of two or more individual crystals such that certain portions of each crystal are in parallel alignment and other portions of each crystal are in reverse positions with respect to each other . The associated attributes will not be exhibited by fabrication of this form.

Transformation Crystal

The Transformation Crystal can be found in any and all configurations. It is usually not recognised until the beginning of the transformation, i.e., changes in shape, quality and/or colour. Fabrication of this form is not possible.

Article originally written by Emma Brown in 2004 and copied from our first website (shop) which still remains active but is used for information only.

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  • Emma Brown

The History of Crystals 0

History records the use of Crystals as both functional and ornamental. The Gods of ancient myth wore them in their breastplates. Priests of many societies and brotherhoods, as keepers and preservers of lost prehistoric wisdom, often wore bejewelled amulets and plates, which acted as "oracles" and "voice pieces" from which advice was obtained. The Urim and Thummim stones of the Hebrew high priests were a prime example. The Atlanteans used crystals for healing, communication, weather control, and as record keepers. Tibetans used them to produce light.

Mayans, among others, used crystals in their statues. John L. Stephens in his classic work on the Mayan civilization, Incidents of Travel in Central America, Chiapas and Yucatan, tells how in one small Mayan temple he discovered 'a pedestal formed of a shining substance resembling glass' around which he was told the ancient priests gathered and consulted pictures created in the 'black, transparent stone.' He wrote, 'A native informed me that their ancestors had known the gift of the vision stone, when his people were instructed in the arts of civilization.'

In Peru, Spanish chroniclers recorded that when they invaded the Incan Empire and captured the King, the Queen and priests immediately fled to the Temple of the Sun in Cuzco, where they communicated with other regents of the land, and decided what was to be done, by gazing into the 'black mirror' situated at the Temple's centre.

Significantly, the Incan Temple of the Sun, and the pyramid complexes of the Mayas, were all located on Earth energy lines. There is thus reason to believe that the Ancients possessed the ability of transmitting images along these lines, and crystal lenses or screens were used at specific centres to transform the images into pictures, much like a modern television set.

When we examine what modern research is uncovering regarding the full spectrum of the Properties of Crystals, and compare this with the Ancient knowledge, we discover we are touching upon only the very beginnings of a vast forgotten technology.

Crystals, at their simplest functional level, can store light and discharge it, or convert sunlight directly into electricity. A step beyond, the crystalline form can also store information in vast quantities. A cut sliver of crystal can pick up a specified vibratory pattern; the sliverr can then be 'frozen' and subsequently 'unfrozen' later to playback the pattern.

A complex sandwich of liquid crystal layers and mirrors act as light valves to create closed loops of light and moonlight signals, which correspond to a two alphabet system of information storage. By such means, information can be stored with a density of 2,500-fold over that of conventional electrical-digital computers. The first working model of the light and crystal computer is scheduled to be operational within a very short time. But one wonders if someone else, long ago, developed such a system before us. Could there be banks and libraries of knowledge stored in the crystals of standing stones, stone circles and other monuments around the world, just waiting, silently, for modern man to tap into them and learn the wisdom hidden within?

Not only knowledge, but the actual consciousness and emotional energies of psychic individuals from past ages may still reside in many ancient crystal forms. Several researchers have used crystals to capture the life force, or the vibratory pattern of a person at death.

Other experiments being conducted are said to have successfully captured a human thought within a crystal and retransmitted it back as an image. Author George Hunt Williamson, who believes that crystals played a significant role in past civilizations, expressed his opinion that crystals can think, and many standing stones have an 'intelligence within them". Masses of crystal flakes encased in a single stone may act as individual neurons passing along information from one flake to another and organize it, like a large crystal brain.

Certain individual crystals, in particular diamonds and other precious stones, can hold conscious emotional energies from a bygone era, which may be triggered from time to time, affecting their owners.

The best classic case of this is the famous Hope Diamond, and the mysterious curse attached to it. The Hope was originally part of a much larger gem called the Great Blue, later the French Blue, stolen from the temple of Rama site in India by Frenchman Jean Baptist Tavernier in 1668. In revenge, the priests of the temple, along with the Mogul Emperor Aurangzeb, held a special rite and infused the gem with a negative consciousness or emotional pattern. Since that time, every owner of the gem, or even those who have handled it, have been subject to misfortune, tragedy or violent death. Even after the original Great Blue was cut into pieces, the Hope remaining as the largest, the curse has followed every piece, even to the present.

Interestingly, tests have shown that the Hope Diamond and its sister stones are the only blue diamonds in the world which glow like red-hot coals when exposed to ultraviolet light, and can conduct an inordinate amount of electricity.

Cursed gems are the exception to the rule, however, for in most respects, gems and crystals are generally looked upon favourably, having properties for good luck, for healing, and in aiding in psychic abilities. The positive magical quality of crystals impressed themselves upon humankind far back in antiquity, for we find among Neanderthal remains dating back to 70,000 B.C. collections of quartz stones and stone balls made of Quartz Crystals. Pieces of crystal have also been found in megalithic cairns, and at New Grange in southern Ireland, tiny pebbles of white granite quartz cover the entire mound above the energy-chamber.

The Druids called certain coloured crystal forms ovus anguinum or glein neidr - 'serpent eggs' - who believed were created by etheric serpents of energy beneath the earth and conjugated together at the time of the midsummer sunrise. Such stones, worn about the neck, had the power of projecting one's auric field to favourably influence the aura and mind of anyone else who came within range.

Similarly, they understood that wearing crystals over certain acupuncture points of the body aided in the healthy flow of physical and psychic energies. The Emperor Tsin Shi, who reigned from 259-210 B.C., is said to have possessed at his palace at Hein-Yang in Shensi a mirror-like stone of crystal which 'illuminated the bones of the body' when a person stepped behind it. It was rectangular in shape, measuring four feet by five feet nine inches, and glowed on both sides. The placing of the hand over the heart somehow activated the stone, whereby the patient's inner parts were clearly portrayed, and diagnosis of illness could be obtained.

Two hundred and fifty years earlier, the Hindu sage Jivaka also had a large 'jewel' which 'illuminated the body like a lamp lights up a house,' and from which nothing within could be hidden by any intervening obstacle. In like fashion, the medicine men of the Hopi Indians of the American Southwest use crystals to observe the energy centres of the body, and can tell when physical currents are impeded, causing ill health. These crystals, too, have the power, when concentrated upon, to be energizers in influencing events, including forestalling bad weather.

On the Isle of Skye near Ireland, is a chapel dedicated to St. Columbus, and on the altar is a round crystalline blue stone held sacred to weather and health. Local fishermen, to appease contrary winds, bathe this stone with water and claim good results. The stone has also been applied to peoples' sides to relieve cramps.

Among the Australian aborigines of north Queensland on the Prosperine River, Quartz Crystals are used by the shamans to cause rain to fall. At other times, in special initiation ceremonies the aboriginal shamans are sprinkled with quartz beads mixed with water, and are thus able to see and speak briefly with spirit beings, exercise telepathy, and cure maladies.

The Ancients appear to have possessed sophisticated methods of growing and shaping crystals, in order to produce gems with specific magical properties. There are three major axis of crystal growth which can develop into any one of seven geometric systems, with lattices and facets in different ratios, producing 230 groups and variations, each one specializing in organizing, redirecting, separating, concentrating or converting applied energies.

In crystal growth, combinations of light intensity, light color, electric current, sound, the direction of these, plus the shape and size (frequency pattern) of the container or room, will all affect the final characteristics and energy potentials of a desired stone. Recent experiments, for example, have shown that crystals grow five times faster when their supersaturated solution is subjected to frequencies of 10 to 100 cycles a second.

Manly P. Hall and other students of esoteric wisdom have also noted that many ancient crystals were produced by 'zodiacal formulae' grown at specific times, when the sun, moon and planets were in special heavenly positions. During the growth process, crystals are also highly susceptible to consciousness imprinting, whereby the meditations, healing energy or bioelectric field identity of the grower may be enjoined within the crystalline structure and memory.

Writer and researcher A.H. Fry tells of his experience with a woman who produced a special copper alloy by alchemically subjecting the ore to solutions of carbon and electric current, and then grew a crystal from the results. The crystal, Fry reported, possessed electrical resistance factors quite different from ordinary copper, and seemed to have tiny microscopic 'wires' embedded within it. When he attached an electrometer to the crystal, he was surprised to find it was also alive; it produced a pattern similar to that of a living plant, and reacted to outside physical and mental disturbances in the same way as Cleve Backster's experiments using a polygraph.

Fry, commenting on the Ancients' use of crystals in general, stated: "Legends occasionally mention crystals that could render invisibility (such as the one Apollonius of Tyana used before the Roman Emperor) and even cause weightlessness. They even used crystals to discover how to enter and escape time by negotiating a ninety degree angle phase shift. Was it all in the size and shape? Or did it involve mental forces and special 'live' qualities within the crystal?".

Fry also made this interesting observation, which relates the use of crystals to the Crystal of the Earth itself, and to ourselves, whose bodies are also made of crystalline forms: 'It is a literal fact that most of our planet is made up of crystals of specific shapes. The present energy problems will be a thing of the past when we start using the wondrous potential of these shapes. Even the food we eat must be converted to tiny crystalline shapes before it can pass through the tissue walls. The ancient Central American word for blood was chalchuihatl, and it literally meant, 'water of precious stones'.

Article originally written by Emma Brown in 2004 and copied from our first website (shop) which still remains active but is used for information only.

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  • Emma Brown

How Healing Crystals Work 1

History Tales tell that Crystals were first used in Atlantis. Crystals became important to the people of that civilization who believed in their capacity to store and amplify any power source fed into them - physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual. Practitioners of modern-day crystal therapy believe that the stones' ability to work as conductors allow them to focus energy via a person's thoughts to stimulate healing - both physical and non-physical.

Crystals, at their simplest functional level, can store light and discharge it, or convert sunlight directly into electricity. A step beyond, the crystalline form can also store information in vast quantities. A cut sliver of crystal can pick up a specified vibratory pattern; the sliver can then be 'frozen' and subsequently 'unfrozen' later to playback the pattern.

Like ALL matter, the 3rd dimensional world and all life, and crystals, are composed of minute particles called atoms. These building blocks of the physical plane are made up of even smaller particles called protons, neutrons, and electrons. These are subtle vibrations. The entire physical world is created from different variations and combinations of these atoms. Everything is vibrating at a different speed. The terminated peak of the crystal connects and aligns each molecule, atom, proton, neutron, and electron that comprises the crystal to the Universal Source of infinite energy. Crystals are capable of receiving, containing, projecting, emanating, refracting, and reflecting Light, which is the highest form of energy known in the physical universe.

It is widely believed that gems and crystals act as amplifiers when brought into contact with the human body’s Chakra System. The energy field (otherwise known as the aura) that surrounds, penetrates, and binds the body-mind-spirit is in a perpetual state of activity. It is constantly in motion, continuously taking in and sending out vibrating energy waves through openings in the aura (otherwise known as chakras). Rotating at different speeds, these chakra points release energies, imparting the body with its precious life forces. While your chakras can become clogged from stress or anxiety, using Crystals in Meditation or bodywork is thought to help balance these energy points, promoting health, happiness and well being.

Article originally written by Emma Brown in 2004 and copied from our first website (shop) which still remains active but is used for information only.

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  • Emma Brown