Dumortierite Bead Bracelet

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Dumortierite Bead Bracelet.

Bead Size Approx: 8mm.

Stretchy so one size fits most wrists. 

Comes supplied in Velvet Gift Bag. 

Dumortierite is a very powerful stone that is very useful for anyone who does psychic works. It is the stone of tranquility and tolerance. It brings patience, stirs positivity, calmness, and mental discipline. It is a stone of communication that will help anyone with their idea verbalization and the ability to speak out.

The stone has highly captivating psychic abilities ranging from simple actions like better remembrance of one’s dreams, astral projection, channeling and connections with higher realms.

Dumortierite enhances clairaudience when placed behind the ear, and it can also unlock your Causal Chakra (past life chakra) to enable you to activate any past memories.

When the stone’s powers have imbued you, you will realize that you have increased personal memory, and your mind will also be able to understand and retain any new information directed to you.

Dumortierite is associated with several attributes, such as unlocking the third eye and throat chakras. Its blue color induces relaxation and a feeling of harmony. It also has the ability to enhance one’s intellect.

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