Black Moonstone Bead Bracelet

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Black Moonstone Bead Bracelet.

Bead Size Approx: 8mm.

Stretchy so one size fits most wrists. 

Comes supplied in Velvet Gift Bag. 

Black Moonstone is a variety of Labradorite and belongs to the Feldspar mineral family, that was first discovered in Madagascar, East Africa.

Even though it appears black at first glance, each piece includes stripes of white, grey, silver, and deep brown. The Black Moonstone has a variety of metaphysical properties and is treasured for its protective vibrations that can guard you against negativity and toxic energy.

In addition to carrying the generic properties of Moonstone, Black Moonstone carries high vibrational frequencies that help aid in the connection to the higher realms, intuition and Divinity during meditation.  It's a stone of protection and courage that will lead you on your path to success. 

Whatever is no longer needed or harmful, will be removed. An excellent stone to use for meditation, as it focuses, and stills the mind. Removing unnecessary and intrusive thoughts.  It has a powerful connection to Earth energies and will help connect you to the spirits of nature. Stimulates creativity, and helps to deepen wisdom. 

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