Ametrine Gemstone Chip Bracelet

Ametrine Gemstone Chip Bracelet

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Ametrine Gemstone Chip Bracelet.

Ametrine is a relatively new gem term, and the word is a combination of Amethyst and Citrine. Ametrine is a unique gemstone in that it is essentially combined of two separate gemstones. Although Amethyst, the purple variety of Quartz, and Citrine, the yellow/orange variety of Quartz belong to the same scientific mineral classification, they have always been distinguished as individual gemstones.

Ametrine has been used by crystal healers in the treatment of clinical depression, anxiety, stress, and mental tension (which can cause headaches and migraines). It has also been used to enhance weight loss and in the battle against addiction. As in the case of its metaphysical healing benefits this gemstone provides all of the physical healing benefits of both amethyst and citrine and more, so the above only names a few.

It has been gifted to aid through the struggles of weight loss and helps remove toxins from the body.

It unites masculinity and femininity, offering a deep-rooted sense of balance mentally and emotionally. It draws on the inspirational properties of amethyst with the focus of citrine, offering a chance to come up with your best possible ideas and creations. This is a great stone for those who are healers or who work in professions focused on people or creativity because of its healing, motivational, protective, positive and inspirational fusion. It ramps up creativity, offering many lightning bolt moments through concentrated brainstorming. It enhances emotional wellbeing, and helps bring calm sooner than others stones when used in meditation.

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