Chakra Balancing using Colours

Colours affect us in very subtle ways, We are surrounded by Colour everyday, but do you actually know how the vibration of that Colour is impacting on your moods and feelings? Crystals and Colour Therapy work hand in hand as Crystals are selected for each of the Chakra's not just by the Healing Properties of the Crystals, but quite often by the Colour of the Crystal. Below this chart you will see some links for more in depth information on each of the 7 Major Chakras and Recommendations of Crystals that can be used to help balance each of the Chakras.

The following links will provide in depth information into each of the 7 Major Chakra's, along with what Crystals work with each of these Chakra's.

We have lots more information and Chakra's and Crystals, with new information being added all the time. You can find this in our main Chakra's and Crystals Blog.

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