Titanium Aura Quartz Cluster

Product Description

Titanium Aura Quartz Cluster.

Size: 6.5 cm x 6.5 cm x 4 cm.

Only 1 available. You will receive this exact piece.

Titanium Aura Quartz is a natural Clear Quartz that has been alchemically coated with precious metals like titanium, niobium, gold, silver, platinum and so on. This synergistic application creates a powerhouse of a healer, combining the master healing of clear quartz with the unique healing of precious metals.

The spectrum of beauty we get in Aura Quartz amplifies and balances our aura in harmony to heal our physical and etheric bodies while increasing courage, strength, and endurance. It is an effective crystal for healing, expanding consciousness, enhancing meditations, as well as speaking with spirit guides and accessing past lives.