Tibetan Quartz Double Terminated Chakra Pendulum

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Tibetan Quartz Double Terminated Chakra Pendulum. Handmade. A Faceted Double Terminated Tibetan Quartz Pendulum with Silver Plated Wire Wrap and 8 inch Chakra Chain. Beads on the Chakra Chain and Genuine Beads. Supplied in Velvet Gift Bag.

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Handmade right here in the UK by one of our Suppliers who Designs and Manufactures its own Unique Jewellery Range.

Size: Approx 3.5 cm

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Tibetan quartz crystals have been used to promote contact with the ancient cultures of the East, bringing knowledge concerning healing and spirituality to the user.

In addition, healing and meditation have both been enhanced. Wearing Tibetan Quartz has induced total centering of the self and has, when accessed, produced an energy conducive to channeling.

Tibetan Quartz tends to contain a very powerful OM vibration, prompting the inventive powers. The body can attune to this resonance and radiate the energy and verity of the Higher Self.

Tibetan Quartz has also been used to facilitate fasting and abstinence from that which one chooses. Kirlian photography has shown that, when cleansed, these crystals emanate the total spectrum of color, and can hence be applied to all energy meridians for stimulation and cleansing - and can be used in the healing of all centers.

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