Tanzanite Gemstone Chip Bracelet

Product Description

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Tanzanite Gemstone Chip Bracelet.

Tanzanite is a very rare gemstone first discovered in 1967 in the east-African country of Tanzania, near the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro. Tanzanite belongs to the Zoisite family, and its official name is ‘Blue Zoisite’.

Tanzanite has a strong energy, which makes it one of the premier stones to use for the development of your spirituality and health, and it has the potential to stimulate development of a wide variety of gifts in many fields.

Tanzanite is an important communication stone, giving one the ability to speak the truth. It promotes compassion, raises consciousness in meditation, calms an overactive mind, and brings on a peaceful understanding of one’s own heart.

Tanzanite supports your capacity to contemplate the multi-dimensional nature of existence, the ability to identify and transcend patterns of self, the capacity to create and master your life purpose, and an ability to connect with higher states of consciousness.

Tanzanite, through aligning your third-eye and throat chakras, provides you with the opportunity of identifying your old patterns and subconscious beliefs that prevent you from living a fulfilling and authentic life. 

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