Smokey Quartz Dragon Egg (Ema Egg or Seer Stone)

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Smokey Quartz Dragon Egg (Ema Egg or Seer Stone)

Size: Approx: 4 cm each. Comes Supplied in Velvet Gift Bag.

Dragon Eggs, are also known as Window Crystals, Ema Eggs, Seer Stones or Dreamers Crystals. 

They are formed in the Elbe River in Southern Brazil. These river tumbled chunks of quartz are frosty white on the outside, with a polished flat side or "window" revealing a world of depth and wonder in the quartz inside.

Window crystals act like open windows into ourselves. They are perfect stones to use for self reflection and self awareness. When you are ready to make changes in your life these stones can help reveal to you the changes that are needed. These stones can be used to go deeper in gaining understanding and insight.

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