Shungite and Charoite Bead Bracelet - 17 cm to 18 cm

Shungite and Charoite Bead Bracelet - 17 cm to 18 cm

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Shungite and Charoite Bead Bracelet.

Size: 17 cm to 18 cm.

Bead size: 8 mm.

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Properties of Charoite

Charoite is one of the most delicate, but unfortunately most rare, stones on the Earth. Only one deposit of this mineral exists in the world. Charoite is a very important aspect of one's spiritual journey. Named after its only locality in the Chara River area in Russia, the polished face of Charoite enables one to see the violet-to-lavender swirling beauty of its fibrous, interlocking crystals. The colours range from deep purple to pale lavender inter-spaced with white. It almost looks unnatural, the colours are so intensely beautiful. The crystal Charoite is found in only one part of the world: the Chara River area of Siberia. This part of Russia is known for its forbidding climate and terrain and as a traditional place of exile for political prisoners.

Charoite is a stone for this age. It provides for a synthesis between the heart and crown chakras and combines the higher spiritual dimensions with unconditional love from the physical plane. It allows one to recognise, to integrate, and to understand those attributes exhibited on the physical plane which are thought to emit a negative vibration; hence, facilitating the acceptance of others, regardless of the development and/or actualisation level in which they appear.

This mineral provides for transmutation of negativity and for grounding to the spiritual self. It can be useful in cleansing the auric body, filling the chakras with a loving spiritual emotion of purity, and in assisting one in comprehension of self-inflicted *lessons*. It enhances one's *giving* nature, opening the heart to allow one to *see* with love, and to recognise the connection between *All*.

It sustains one's attention span, allows for discrimination between validity and fiction, and helps one to realise that "as one door closes, another opens". It is a "stone for transformation", within this world, and from this world to another.

It also can assist one in realising that one is, in fact where one should be during this very moment.

Charoite tends to transmute the symptoms of illness and dis-ease to well-ness. It can be used to treat disorders of the eyes and heart, to provide improvement in autistic pursuits, to allay headaches and general aches and pains, to improve degraded conditions of the liver {eg. due to excess alcohol}, to improve degraded conditions of the pancreas {eg. due to excess refined sugars}, and to stimulate and regulate the blood pressure and the pulse rate.

It can be an excellent cleanser of the body when taken as an elixir.

Properties of Shungite

Russian Shungite is about 2 billion years old. It comes from ancient deposits at the Zazhogino site in the Republic of Karelia, Russia - the only shungite deposit where this unique mineral is mined in its pure form.

Shungite is a powerful grounding stone that shields from negativity, allowing in only beneficial energy. It detoxifies by absorbing toxic energies, stabilizes energetic body and is often used for EMF protection.

Because of its very high vibrational frequency, Shungite has strong healing properties and is believed to be a catalyst for positive changes and growth. It helps heal lower chakras and prepares them for higher energy work.

Shungite’s unique properties have been the subject of scientific studies for decades. In 1996, a team of scientists was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for discovering fullerenes, a special carbon-based molecular formation which is a major component of Shungite. Fullerenes have been found to have an unparalleled ability to reduce the concentration of free radicals in their vicinity.

Shungite has exceptionally high resistance to chemically aggressive environments and a high electrical and low thermal conductivity. According to scientific research, it attenuates electromagnetic emissions providing protection from harmful electromagnetic radiation.

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