Ruby in Fuchsite Massage Wand

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Ruby in Fuchsite Massage Wand.

Size: Approx: 10 cm x 3 cm.

Weight: 115 Grams.

You will recive one of the three wands shown in the photo.

Ruby in Fuchsite is a form of Fuchsite that has Ruby crystal inclusions. It can vary tremendously in colour, pattern & hardness. Fuchsite is a chromium-rich variety of muscovite. The chromium gives this colourful stone it’s blue-green to emerald-green hues, while the ruby inclusions provide attractive pink & red highlights. Both the red of the ruby & green of the fuchsite are due to traces of chromium. Ruby in fuchsite is sometimes confused with “Ruby in Zoisite” since both gemstones are green & interspersed with pink to purplish-red ruby.

Ruby is known for its powerful effects, including aiding in concentration and promoting bravery. It also helps in strengthening bonds, especially between couples. It helps ease troubles and worries, and brings peace of mind to the user.

Fuchsite is a popular healer’s stone, and is also used to bring about emotional and spiritual healing. It is used to remove stress and help resolve conflicts. It also sparks inspiration and creativity, and is often useful for problem solving.

Together, ruby and fuchsite are a powerful heart chakra stone. Together they help balance the chakras and to deepen meditation. Ruby fuchsite is often used for spiritual and magic work, and many use it during astral projection. Using this stone can help the user come to terms with problems and find solutions, as well as to understand issues or relationships on a deeper level. Many find that it raises their enthusiasm and motivation, as well as helping them to find their individuality.

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