Rubellite (Tourmaline) Gallet - No. 2

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Rubellite (Tourmaline) Gallet - No. 2.

Size: 7 cm x 7 cm x 5.5 cm.

Weight: 263 Grams.

You will receive this exact piece.

Rubellites are tourmalines with reasonably saturated dark pink to red colors and medium to dark tones. Rubellite may also be referred to as Pink or Red Tourmaline.

Emotionally, rubellite provides emotional balance and brings an individual wearing this gemstone a sense of calm through the ability to control their anxiety and stress. Rubellite is also believed to attract passion and love to its wearer while providing them with energy and positivity.

Rubellite is also commonly used as a physical ailment believed to aid in fertility, back pains and diseases of the immune system. Due in large to its ability to harmonize feminine energies.

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