Rough Tree Agate - 1 Piece

Rough Tree Agate - 1 Piece

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Rough Tree Agate - 1 Piece. 

Size: 3 cm x 2.5 cm. 

Agates are universal balancing stones of subtle energies. They offer protection, and are especially suitable for protection of children. Whenever needed they can help you increase your courage as well as your creativity. Agate is known to be capable of enhancing your energy in waves, so it is very useful when there is a need to overcome a certain difficult situation in which additional efforts and extra resources are required.

Agate can help you if you find yourself in a situation where you find it difficult to forgive someone for the caused pain, despair, or bitterness in some complicated love or family relationship. This stone can help you find the necessary courage to forgive and forget. Wear agate if you fell yourself restrained, under pressure, or confined in your current obligations.

In ancient times the forces of the four elements were considered as some of the most powerful forces of the Universe. They still are even though we have forgotten our spiritual relationship to them. Agates were justifiably linked to the earth element. They are under the influence of the Earth force fields and the outside planets have only small influence on them. Thus, agate has an unparalleled ability to affect the physical body first, and starting from there, affect the other subtle auras and bodies in ascending order depending on the stone variation in this huge family. If you expect difficult battles in your personal or business life where there is a need to be open and honest with yourself agate is a stone for you. 

Please Note: Whilst Agate is a 100% Natural Stone, Blue Agate that is as bright in colour as this has been colour enhanced. The only Naturally Occurring Agate that has a Blue Colour is Blue Lace Agate which is a much more pale blue in colour. Agate is often colour enhanced to make colourful Agate Slices or Jewellery. It carries the same Metaphysical Properties of Agate.

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