Reiki Healing CD by Llewellyn

Product Description

Reiki Healing CD. A blend of music ideally suited to Reiki-healing, massage and relaxation carefully selected by Reiki Master Sadey.

REI = Universal ever present energy, KI = Life force energy
An ancient form of Tibetan healing, Reiki was brougt back to Japan by Doctor Midao Usui in the late 19th century after many years of searching in all areas of the Buddhist faith. Working in a holistic manner healing mind, body and spirit, Reiki can bring about many positive changes in the individual in all levels.

1. Forbidden Lover (from the album 'Lady of the Lake') 6.19
2. Weaver of Dreams (from the album 'A Place to Dream') 7.26
3. Place of Enchantment (from the album 'A Place to Dream') 4.35
4. A Place to Dream (from the album 'A Place to Dream') 6.25
5. A New Beginning (from New Beginnings spoken-word' cassettes) 6.28
6. Seeking Solace (from the album 'A Place to Dream') 6.57
7. The Healing Pool, reprise, (from the album 'The Healing Pool') 3.51
8. Summonig of the Spirit (from the album 'Spirit of the Wolf') 5.57
9. Guinevere (from the album 'Lady of the Lake') 6.23
10. The Healing Mist (from the album 'The Healing Pool') 5.52

Total Running Time: 60.00 mins

€ 8.95

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