Medium Unopened Geode

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Medium Unopened Geode. Size Approx: 7 cm x 5 cm.

Weight: Approx: 250 Grams.

Have fun painting them or Crack them Open and see the Crystals inside !!

Kids Love These !!

How to Open a Geode

  1. Take a rock or masonry flat chisel, hold at top center of rock, then strike with a hand-held sledge hammer. Tap lightly, as to score the rock only.
  2. Rotate rock a bit, then strike again to create a line around the circumference of the stone.
  3. Repeat, as necessary, until the rock splits open. Patience is key; if the geode is hollow, it will probably take a few minutes of gentle scoring to open it, but if the geode is solid, it'll take longer

Video of How to Open a Geode

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