Huge Celestite Geode Cluster No. 4

Product Description

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Huge Celestite Geode Cluster No. 4.

Size: Approx 10 cm x 6 cm x 5 cm.

Weight: 390 Grams.

You will receive this exact piece.

Celestite is a popular stone for use in Angelic communications as well as with Spirit Guides.  Once one has been entranced by the Celestite, one will feel lifted from the mundane, tapping into the perfect power of the Universe’s complete love. 

Meditation with the Celestite shall open a clear channel of communication, helping one ot acknowledge and accept that each of us is part of the Divine Plan. One will learn the peaceful trust that all is where it is meant to be and will flow and ebb with the waters of life to carry one to where one needs to be.

Also used to assist one in recalling one’s dreams, as well as being able to communicate the message of those interpretations properly and clearly as to be understood.

Celestite, known for it’s power to ease physical pain and stress in one’s body as well as being helpful in preventing the disease that are brought upon one by worry.

It has been said to be helpful for the treatment of eye disorders as well as improving hearing by increasing the possible range.  Also used to treat digestive orders and to remove toxins from the physical body that might cause one pain.


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