Grade A Moroccan Vanadinite

Product Description


Grade A Moroccan Vanadinite.

Size: 6 cm x 5 cm x 4 cm.

Weight: 100 Grams.

Only 1 available, You will receive this exact piece.

Please Note: Vanadinite contains lead so it is a poisonous stone if put into the mouth.

One of vanadinite’s most powerful energies is to help one to accept their physicality. It does this by grounding and centering the soul into the physical body and assisting it to be comfortable in the earth’s environment. Vanadinite is a great manifesting stone. For those that with to connect further with the earth energies vanadinite is a helpful tool to do so.

Vanadinite is also helpful in the aid of waking up your sexual energies. It is a great stone that will give energy and passion to those that are called to using it for this purpose.

Vanadinite is a very stimulating and energizing crystal that aids action and boosts creativity. It is especially beneficial for writers who have a lot of work ahead of them! It helps to stimulate mental creativity and helps to heighten your energy levels to achieve all your goals. When you have a busy day or a large workload ahead of you, vanadinite will prove to be your crystal ally. It’s extremely beneficial for anyone who has to go the extra mile in order to achieve their goals or see their vision come to life. The vanadinite meaning is to provide you with energy as you move through your creative or work endeavors, allowing you to be more productive, focused and creative. 


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