Clearance Set of Rough Shiva Lingam (Narmada Stone)

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Clearance Set of Rough Shiva Lingam (Narmada Stone).

Set includes 4 pieces. 

On clearance as we are having a big clear out of our Rough Stock. There are 2 sets available at time of listing. You will either receive the set in the photo or a set almost identical. 

Shiva Lingam is only found in the Narmada River and they are typically hand polished by locals. The stone is actually Cryptocrystalline Quartz.

Often thought to be an incarnation of the cosmic egg from which the world was hatched, the Shiva Lingam represents male and female and the birth of all life. The Shiva Lingam is known to work on the entire Chakra System.

In addition to boosting the Chakras the Shiva Lingam may also activate Kundalini energies, boost vitality, and enhance inner transformation. These attributes all lend themselves to one another quite nicely. Without vitality, transformation isn’t possible. Without Kundalini energies, vitality is found to be lacking. The Shiva Lingam may also help to break up old paths and help to build new ones along with helping to feel unity during times of loneliness and separation. This forging of new paths combined with the strength to overcome separation during times of strife may make the individual especially strong.

Healers often utilize the power of the Shiva Lingam to help with issues of infertility and impotence. A stone that is linked so tightly with creation is, in many ways, the obvious choice for helping those of us who want to bring new life forth. The Shiva Lingam may be used for strengthening the body and bringing balance to the physical self. 

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