7 Chakra Gemstone Sacred Geometry Boxed Set

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7 Chakra Gemstone Sacred Geometry Boxed Set.

A Geometric set carved from genuine Gemstones (Stone Size: Approx: 1.5 cm). Each stone is bonded with 7 different stone types; one for each of the seven chakras. 

A powerful healing tool with many uses, such as Chakra Balancing, Crystal Healing, Feng Shui and Meditation.

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The shapes included are natural and were first noted by the Philosopher Plato.

SPHERE: 1 sided. Represents unity.

PYRAMID: (Tetrahedron) 4 sided. Represents fire element and change.

CUBE: (Hexahedron) 6 sided. Represents Earth element and patience.

DOUBLE PYRAMID: (Octahedron) 8 Sided. Represents Air element and balance.

DODECAHEDRON: 12 sided. Represents the Universe and trust.

ICOSAHEDRON: 20 sided. Represents Water element and freedom.

MERKABA: Well known sacred shape representing ascention.

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