New Crystal Specimens

New Crystal Specimens are Now Available.

These are one off items and as such are not listed on our Website.They can be found on our Facebook Page in a Specific Gallery which will be updated accordingly as New Crystal Specimens arrive. Don't forget to Like and Follow our Facebook Page !!

See the Crystal Specimens Facebook Gallery (opens in new window)

Red Spirit Quartz  Red Spirit Quartz
Red Spirit Quartz No. 1 Red Spirit Quartz No. 2
Apophyllite Phrenite
Apophyllite - 5 Available Phrenite - 3 Available
Huge Shiva Lingham Purpurite

Huge Shiva Lingham - 4 Available

Purpurite - 4 Available


Payments for any of the Crystal Specimens on our Facebook Page can still be purchased by using either PayPal or by Card. Simply send us a Message via our Facebook Page and we can arrange for an invoice or payment request to be sent to you.