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Welcome to the Crystal Healing Shop. The Crystal Healing Shop is based in Ireland. We are a registered business Established since 2008. The Crystal Healing Shop aims to promote awareness of Crystals in Healing by providing up to date information. We aim to provide both information in plain English for people who are new to crystals and also further comprehensive information for therapists with a wider knowledge, understanding and hands on experience of crystals and Crystal Healing. We have recently updated our entire Online Shop which offers our customers a Mobile Friendly Experience. We stock a huge range of Healing Crystals and Gemstones and we Ship to anywhere in the World. You can also get involved on our facebook page which currently has over 7500 followers!

Our Crystal Healing Shop has a wide range of Healing Crystals and Gemstones. We stock Rough Crystals, Polished Crystals, Tumbled Stones, Tumbled Stone Sets, Gemstone and Crystal Gift Ideas, Chakra Products, Gemstone Pendulums and Metal Pendulums, Gemstone Pendants, Chipped Gemstone Bracelets, Magnetic Jewellery and a Range of Handcrafted Natural Gemstone Jewellery.

Crystals have been used for thousands of years to facilitate healing and their is much documentary and scientific evidence to explain them and their profound ability to assist in healing. Imbalances in our Mental, Emotional and Spiritual bodies ultimately manifest in Physical Illness and Dis-ease. Crystals can help unblock, balance and realign our entire system leading to healing and well being on all 4 levels.

Crystals work with our bodies mainly through the 7 Major Chakras, also know as Energy Centres, the Meridian System and the Human Energy Field, otherwise known as the Aura. Crystals can be selected by their associated healing properties or they can be selected by the colour that is associated with the Chakra governing the specific ailment, disease, disorder or area of your life that needs balancing or healing. Crystals can also be used in Meditation.

Very rarely are all of our Chakra's in balance. To get a clearer picture of why not quick browse the information for each of the 7 Major Chakras. We explain how to locate each chakra, the physical disorders associated with each chakra, and how each chakra affects us in its different states - With balanced energy, excessive energy and deficient energy. Once you have a greater understanding of the Chakra System you will find it very easy to select the most appropriate crystals for you enabling you to practice self healing.