Important Update Re: Base Currency Change

31st March 2020

Important Update Re: Base Currency Change

Dear Crystal Lovers,

We wanted to let you know that our Website Base Currency will be changing to GBP in the next week !! This is something we have wanted to do for sometime now (for reasons below) but in order to do this we need to close the website down for approx 2 days so that we can adjust our product prices accordingly. This is something that we have to do manually. For example, what was once priced at 10 euro, will likely to now be priced at approx £8.90. We are quite quiet at the moment, so we feel that making this change during this time is the best time. Also we would ideally like to implement this change in time for the start of the next financial year (5th April).

As you will know if you have visited the website or made a purchase that all products are priced in Euros. The "base currency" really makes no difference to you as a customer, as you will always pay the equivalent in your local currency, just like if you have ever bought a product from the United States. You will see the USD amount in the checkout but your bank or card will debited in your local currency.

We have always used Euros as a base currency and this is because we launched the business and website in Ireland where we remained for over 10 years. When we relocated to the UK several years ago we continued to use Euro as our base currency (as it was easier!) and it made life easier for our Ireland customers (for which account for 60% off our customer base). However due to the fact that almost 95% of our own business expenses are in GBP, including stock it has become increasingly time consuming to keep working out the ever changing euro prices of our stock, postage rates etc. Also accounting can be quite confusing when working with 2 currencies.

This change is likely to be welcomed by some and maybe not by others but you can be assured that when making a purchase you will continue to pay for your order in your local currency (regardless of the currency you see at checkout). All websites can only ever sell in 1 currency. This is known as a base currency. When we make this change the prices you see on the website and in the cart and checkout will now be in GBP, and you can continue to use an online currency convertor to see the approximate prices in your local currency.

We will update in due course when we expect to close the website down in order to make these changes.

Kind Regards, Emma and Lily.