About Us

Just a little bit more about our Crystal Healing Shop! ..... Established in 2008 we are the largest retail supplier of Healing Crystals and Gemstones to customers within the Republic of Ireland. We also now have an office in the UK.

With approx 8000 customers visiting our Online Store every month and nearly 14,000 Facebook Followers we must be doing something right!

With affordable prices, realistic shipping charges to anywhere in the world and great customer service it is clear to see why so many customers shop with us. We offer an abundance of help, advice and assistance with your purchases too! - which can be found on our Main website here or you can find lots of information about Crystal Healing Properties in our Crystal Healing Properties Blog.

We stock a huge collection of Healing Crystal and Gemstones to suit both Novice and Experienced Crystal Healers, Crystal Enthusiasts and Collectors alike.

See below some of our Great Collection of Crystal and Gemstone Healing Products:

And in our Gemstone Jewellery Collection we have:

Feel free to Contact Us with any Pre Sales questions. Alternatively Messaging us direct through our facebook page will give you an even quicker response.