Rough Mordenite - 1 Piece

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Rough Mordenite - 1 Piece. Size Approx Size 4 cm x 3 cm.

Mordenite crystallizes in the form of fibrous aggregates, masses and vertically striated prismatic Crystals. The colour ranges from white, colourless and yellow or pink. 

Mordenite can be used to eliminate the trait of Sarcasm and to enhance the characteristics of harmony. It furthers the importance of home and friendships, and can be used to bring abundance to ones life.

Also known to be used in White Magic Rituals. Mordenite helps to eliminate mental distractions and to ease a restless mind. It can help provide release from Depression and helps to balance chaotic energy as it promotes detachment from negativity so that one is not blinded by the emotion, hence, furthering the understanding of the symptoms.

Mordenite has been known to treat disorders of the Mouth, Lungs and Vocal Cords.

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