Prehnite Specimen

Product Description

Prehnite Specimen. Size Approx: 6 cm x 4 cm. Price is for 1 Piece.

Known as a Stone to "Heal the Healer"

Prehnite can be used to facilitate contact with impalpable entities via visualisation and meditation. It can be used to multiply energy and to enhance ones protective fields. It is often used in Gridding and Prehnite used in a Grid is designed to bring about calmness and a structure of coherence to the environment. Prehnite is also a stone for Dream Recall. Prehnite can provide inside into what the future may hold and often predictions are very accurate! 

Physically Prehnite has been know to treat disorders of the Kidneys, Bladder and Connective Tissues, and for Gout and Anemic Disorders of the Blood.

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€ 9.95

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