Clearance Rough Emerald Set - No 2

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Clearance Rough Emerald Set - No 2.

A set of 5 pieces of Rough Emerald.

On clearance as these pieces are not as good quality as the usual pieces we stock.

You will receive this exact set.

Emerald is the most recommended stone for breathing issues, heart health, swollen lymph nodes, blood problems, the thymus, the pancreas (for blood sugar rebalance), labour/delivery, eyesight, and the etheric field. Excellent general healer. Emerald was considered an ancient blood detoxifier and anti-poison. Helps strengthen the backbone and alleviates problems associated with sugar diabetes. Emeralds are of special value to athletes, chiropractors, lecturers, marriage counsellors, masseurs, optometrists, people who work in radioactive areas, and those who work in close quarters. It improves psychic abilities, raises consciousness, and helps the individual attain balance. Also enhances the immune system.

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