Chunky Opalite Chipped Gemstone Rope Necklace

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Chunky Opalite Chipped Gemstone Rope Necklace.

Length: 18.5 inches (47 cm). 

Were originally priced at 16.95 euro, then in the sale at 9.95 euro. Now priced to clear at just 6.95 euro !! 5 available at time of listing. 

On Clearance as being Discontinued. 

Opalite (aka Tiffany Stone, Opalized Fluorite, Opal Fluorite, Bertrandite, Ice Cream Opalite, Purple Opal) is a highly energetic but subtle stone. It is classed as a Stone, in much the same way that Goldstone is and Blue Sandstone, however Opalite is a Man Made product. Psychically it has been reported to help with communication and interpretation of psychically received information of all kinds, including telepathic, channelled, clairaudience, clairvoyance, and others. It is excellent for removing energy blockages of the meridians and chakras. Opalite is helpful emotionally by assisting transitions during changes of all kinds, engendering persistence and emotional strength, and verbalizing hidden or secret feelings. Opalite is also beneficial for business and business success. Physically, Opalite boosts the sex drive and can enhance sexual experience, and is an all-around healing stone. Opalite is associated primarily with the third eye chakra.

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€ 6.95

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