Morganite Gemstone Chip Bracelet

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Morganite Gemstone Chip Bracelet.

Morganite, a form of beryl, is a relatively rare and subtley beautiful gem.

Morganite is one of the highest frequency stones and helps activate and strengthen all the positive qualities of the heart. Morganite can bring love to your life or rekindle old love. It helps you connect and communicate with the angelic realms. Morganite is thought to aid in your spiritual connection to the universe and by increasing this connection, your wisdom in matters of lifes journey may increase.

Physically, Morganite is used to alleviate emphysema, tuberculosis and throat problems.

According to certain legends beryl was also widely used to protect against demons and evil spirits. It is also known to protect a traveller from dangers while travelling. Legends also say that beryl was deemed to bring good luck, develop energy, boosts cheerfulness and youthfulness.

Morganite is considered to be a burden lifter; it communes with the heart chakra to heal old wounds. In addition to bolstering the spirit and clearing past trauma, morganite may assist in restoring feelings of happiness and warmth in you and those around you. On top of the assistance you may gain in dealing with past pains and emotional issues, you may come to realize the purpose behind the strife that you have endured with morganite.

It is also known to be a stone of divine love, blessing the wearer with a successful love and marital life. It helps in releasing the unhealthy emotional patterns, and is known to be a bringer of intense joy and inner strength in the wearer’s life. Pain of an unforgettable past, traumas, unfulfilled emotional desires and even unexpressed emotions can be healed by morganite. In short, morganite cleanses the heart and allows love to flow in. 

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