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  • Emma Brown
Comments 5
  • Carron Woodrum
    Carron Woodrum

    Knowing that I have sustained an injury to lower back and sacrum, this greatly affected my interest in my sexuality. Do I wish to restore this part of my life, not really.

  • erica

    This sounds like me,extremely accurate. Thank you for tips on what to do about it,much appreciated?

  • Amol

    My Heart chakra is imbalanced. I am going through very difficult time, emotionally as well as financially. I am having strong feeling that it will persist atleast for another 2-3 years.

  • Beverley Hamilton
    Beverley Hamilton

    My root chakra is out of balance & I can certainly see y ? my husband left me a couple of months ago & is now with sumone else ? but I stil love him so I don’t feel loved, secure or happy at the moment, but I wil try my best to get a balance.

  • Emma

    Mine was the Root Chakra :-) Looks like I need to focus on being on more Grounded :-)

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