Diopside Crystal Healing Properties


Diopside Crystal Healing PropertiesDiopside can be used to stimulate the intellect and can provide assistance in mathematical and analytical pursuits. It enhances academic learning and couples the practical side of ones nature to both the sciences and arts. Diopside has also been known to be very calming for Pets.

Diopside can help with conditions such as Colon problems such as Crohn's disease, colitis, ulcers, diverticulosis. Muscle spasms. Diopside is also called the "crying gemstone," because it is believed by crystal healers to heal trauma by bringing forth cleansing tears. It is assumed to bring creativity to the wearer and is said to be related to love and commitment. Crystal healers believe that, when worn close to the chest (such as in a pendant), diopside can benefit the heart, lungs and circulation.

It helps one to wield pride objectively, providing both humility and respect for the superior exhibition of intelligence. It allows one to recognize that the strength of the opposition is less than that which is within oneself.

It also allows one to understand the dualitywithin the self, and further stimulates-retrieval of the feminine side of nature, being a good stone for healing those who will-not allow themselves to cry. It can be used in the treatment of physical weakness and psychological disorders. It is an excellentstone for runners, helping to eUminate the muscular spasms and "stitches" during the run.

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  • Emma Brown
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  • Nikki Lawlor
    Nikki Lawlor

    Hello, I’m looking for a Diopside pendant so I can wear on a chain- do you have anything like this please?

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